Here at VM STUDIOS, we are an ideas driven company.  We exist to connect brands with a group of talented young people, with the right channels and messages. Founded by Venice Min, together with Nicole Tan and Prestine D, our unique blend of professions, passions, creativity and analytical minds are able to create fresh, rarely-seen campaigns in Malaysia.

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Famously known as one of the Friends of Swarovski in Southeast Asia, Venice Min is no stranger in our show-biz industry. You can find her on covers of magazines and all over social media. She is into business and aspired to become an influential entrepreneur in Malaysia. She aims to inspire the Millennial generation that women are powerful, independent and beautiful.

Fun fact: Her diet consists of 90% of carbs. Yes, she eats. (A lot.)


Having over 9 years of experiences in the show biz industry. Nicole has worked with probably more world famous celebrities than you dream about Ryan Gosling. She’s niche at connecting brands to the right talents, and right market. If you work with us, you will probably receive promising proposals and excel sheets from her. Best if you could discuss your needs with her in person, she’s incredibly lovely, down to earth and humorous.